Kevin Durant and Nike weren’t messing around when it came to the KD 12.

The outsole on the KD 12’s traction is translucent, and sometimes a translucent outsole can be a hit or miss, we all know that. However, the traction on the KD 12 was super solid. I did have to wipe a bit when dust was present. It was nothing too crazy; a wipe here or there kept the outsole free of debris which, in return, kept me covered on the court especially on my lateral movements.

As far as outdoors, if you want to hoop in these on the blacktop, be my guest. I wouldn’t recommend it. I say keep these strictly on the hardwood, but who am I to tell you what to do, right?

Ummm, how should I put this? It’s freaking amazing! Why was it amazing? Well for starters, if you don’t sleep under a rock, then you know that the KD 12 got rid of the strobel board and replaced with full-length Zoom Turbo. What this means is the only thing between you and the Air unit is an insole. You are getting all that cushy cushion right under your feet without anything messing with it.

The impact protection was amazing. From the heel to the forefoot, the bounce is perfect. It isn’t too much or too little; just a comfortable ride while still maintaining some court feel.

As for the materials, a screen mesh with some fuse overlays in the high-wear area is what you get for the upper. Behind that, you can see the Quad-Axial Flywire, and we will get into that a little later. The tongue reminds me of some lingerie my wife would wear. I am not saying that she wears lingerie or anything like that. I’m just saying if she did it would probably look like the KD 12 tongue.

Now on-court, the tongue felt great: it’s nice and padded. I had no pressure points causing discomfort or anything. However, there is one thing I didn’t like about the tongue, and that’s how wide it is up top — nothing to do with the performance just a personal gripe. The screen mesh and Quad-Axial Flywire felt good on my feet. I didn’t experience any pinching or binding. Honestly, I prefer this setup on the KD rather than the knit, but that’s just me.

Narrow footers, I recommend you guys to go true to size. The KD 12 is pretty snug in the forefoot area, but I would call it a good snug. It’s not something that will cut your circulation off, but more of a nice secure snug like hugs from your grandmother.

Wide footers, nope. Try the shoes on first. You guys may need to go up in size. If you get your actual shoe size, then it is possible your circulation may be cut off. Disclaimer: I doubt your circulation will actually get cut off. I’m joking

I have zero complaints when it comes to support. The Quad-Axial Flywire did its job; it acts as a security blanket to the screen mesh and strengthens it which then keeps you contained during cuts and all that good stuff. Your foot sits in parts of the midsole which keeps you on top of the footbed during lateral movements.

An internal heel counter is in place for extra reassurance that you stay on that footbed and locked in. Not to mention the fit is nice and snug. Support gets an A+ in my book.

Overall, the KD 12 is a nice hoop kick and I can’t stop playing in it. I’m anxious to see what other colorways hit the market. I did see that red pair Kevin Durant has been rocking in the playoffs — that colorway is pure fire — so I may need that pair. When they’re this nice, you might want to buy ’em twice. Ain’t nothing wrong with having AnotherPair.