Unlike the oil change, there aren’t a set number of miles that one’s truck needs to reach before needing to replace the leaf springs. The life span of leaf springs usually will depend on the wear and tear. In truth, some trucks never need to have their leaf springs replaced while others will wear out muck quicker. The leaf springs that hardly ever need replacing will most likely be the trucks for casual use.
Heavy equipment like farm vehicles, snow plows, and recreational vehicles are going to be the kind leaf springs that need frequent replacement. Again, this depends on the type of task and even still, it is difficult to determine exactly when one should replace the leaf springs on their work equipment. However, there are some tell tale signs that your vehicle will give you to let you know that it might be needing a leaf spring replacement.

Signs That Indicate Your Leaf Springs Are Worn Out

If your existing leaf springs are cracked.

This is an obvious one, but it requires a routine inspection. If you are operating heavy equipment or using your truck to haul overbearing loads, it is highly recommended to conduct a routine inspection on your vehicle. It can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly depending on how much work is put on the vehicle. You can also check for yourself.
Leaf springs are located near the axle of a truck attached directly to the frame. They are typically found on the rear axle but can also be used for front independent or solid axle suspensions as well.

For flatbed trucks, the rear end sags.

Since leaf springs are all about suspension, another obvious sign for leaf spring replacement is noticing when or if the back of your truck sags without any additional weight. While it is normal for a vehicle to bow a little from extra-added weight, one should take heed when the bow is present without any additional pressure. This usually means that the existing leaf springs are worn and/or broken and will not be able to successfully hold any more weight without damaging the suspension.
Many people carry a lot of weight on the rear and your springs just might not be designed to carry enough heavy weight without bottoming out or sagging more than you’d like. We offer heavy duty leaf springs to fix this problem which can handle a bigger load while keeping the rear of the truck higher or level with the front while loaded.

Your vehicle is leveled.
This might sound strange, a leveled truck needing leaf spring replacements, but it’s true. Although it is normal for most vehicles to be leveled, trucks are designed to sit up a little higher in the back in order to better carry the weight of additional loads.

New Truck Spring: Supplying Your Leaf Spring Replacements
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