You expect a lot from your suspension, and your leaf springs are one of the key components that help you carry those heavy loads day in and day out. In fact, you often don’t know how much you expect from your leaf springs until you find that they are not working any longer. This might be due to a rough ride, or excess vibration when your car or truck is fully loaded. Either way, when it is time to replace leaf springs , it is best to get it done right away.


What are the Signs of Damaged Leaf Springs?

If you are not checking and inspecting your s10 leaf springs regularly then you might end up with problems that end up ruining your ride. If you hear a scrapping noise as you drive, or your suspension bottoms out whenever you go over a bump, then you might have worn or cracked leaf springs that need an immediate replacement. You can see if there are problems by parking on a flat surface and looking at your vehicle to see if one side sits lower than the other.

If the car does sit low on one side, then it’s time to remove the wheels and inspect further. Clean the leaf springs with a wire brush to remove the dirt and grime and look for wear and cracks. If any exist, then replacement leaf springs are the only logical choice. You risk not only damaging the chassis of your car or truck with further use, but also potentially dangerous conditions if the leaf springs break completely and your axle is detached.

Depending on how long your leaf springs have lasted, you may want to talk to our experts about heavy duty leaf springs. The standard leaf springs on a car or truck are only rated to hold a certain amount of weight, and if you are routinely carrying heavy loads, this can affect the wear on your leaf springs. Find out more before you just replace the springs with the factory models.

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