Q: Are Trailer leaf springs sold individually or in pairs?
A: All of our replacement leaf springs are sold individualy in the case that someone needs to replace a broken or damaged spring on one side. However, it is recommended to replace leaf springs in pairs so that you do not lean towards the side that has the older spring on it.

Q: Do leaf springs come with bushings?
A: The majority of our leaf springs will come with standard rubber bushings already pressed into the eyes of the spring.

Q: Is there a heavy duty spring available for my truck?
A: Almost every vehicle we work with can be upgraded with a heavy duty leaf spring. This can come in two fashions, a heavier spring that could have came stock from that vehicle (example 43-818 for Ford), or an HD spring that is made in the aftermarket but would have never been found on the vehicle to begin with (example 43-818HD for Ford).

Q: Where do your boat trailer leaf springs ship from?
A: With warehouses spread across the United States in California, Texas, Atlanta (GA), Las Vegas, New York, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma, most leaf spring shipments should arrive in 3 business days or less. We do offer expedited shipping on leaf spring parts and accessories if you do need your parts in a hurry.

Q: What does spring rate mean?
A: Spring rate is measured in ppi or pounds per inch. Spring rate refers to the amount of pressure required to compress a spring.

Q: What is the difference between Add-A-Leaf Kits and Replacement Leaf Springs?
A: Depending on the situation, an entire Leaf Spring replacement may be necessary in order to eliminate issues within the suspension of your vehicle. Add-A-Leaf kits on the other hand, are individual leaves that are added to an already existing spring pack when extra load support is required.

Q: Should I replace my U-Bolts with my Leaf Springs?
A: Yes. We STRONGLY recommend you replace your u-bolts at the same time that you are replacing your leaf springs. Old and worn out u-bolts can cause stress cracks and breaks within your leaf springs and the risk of instability and safety is never worth it.

Q: What are some of the features of the leaf springs that you offer?
A: All leaf springs are OEM replacement parts that have been powder coated to protect from rust and other weather elements. These leaf springs are made to fit and additional hardware is readily available throughout the rest of our site. Feel free to check out our u-bolts and eye bolts. To further help you in deciding the right leaf spring for your vehicle, we have Leaf Springs for Truck, SUV, Van reviews and ratings, with a average rating of 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings throughout.

Q: Where are your leaf spring replacements manufactured?
A: We we deal with a wide range of manufacturers both overseas as well as local. However, all of our springs are designed with the same specifications and materials as the vehicle’s manufacturer. All leaf springs that we offer are put through extensive quality testing before we stock them in our warehouses to ensure you receive springs that are the same quality as the OEM leaf springs.

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