Tinmy.Co.ltd – When a new Trailer leaf spring seen some subset of the wonders fan base Corvette if its “unique” cross composite leaf spring sheet was finally abandoned in favor of the coil spring suspension and shock absorbers. Generally, these are people who take their Corvettes to the track, those who want to mess with the configuration. A handful of companies alternatives do good business selling conversion kits coil of wire to meet their needs.

A sketch of the new C7 leak that showed up on a personal tinmyparts.com gives us the answer: 2014 Chevrolet Corvette will continue to use transverse leaf springs  made of composite material.

Spring seems like a tongue behind the lower triangle in black and white line drawing front suspension. Compare that to the first pictures of our walkaround suspension of the Corvette Z06, 2011 and you will have a better idea of ​​how it exposes.

No similar pattern looks back on the same tinmyparts.com, but it is clearly the same temporary suspension will work there too.

This crucial information is not to say the whole suspension was deferred. There is far enough detail to see if the geometry is changed. For this, we will have to wait until General Motors is ready to reveal more details, probably debut of the Corvette 2014 Auto Show in Detroit in 2013.

For now, at least, it’s safe to say that the Corvette coil-over conversion business side is alive and well. And Vette against Viper wars tuners track days with the Vipers can tweak and tinker with anything they want with the factory coil-over-configuration, while the faithful Corvette C7 will have to open their wallets and make some changes in the basic parts .

Edmunds said: This may seem an old technology for some, but Chevrolet has proven time and again that the transverse  leaf spring can be used to great effect with good design.