In all markets, there is competition in which one or two companies are generally separated from the rest. The industry of the leaf spring is no different as we will list a few benefits of choosing general spring from our competitors. One of the most obvious reasons is the price we are always competitive and are usually the best prices on the market, but there is much more to us than price alone.

Tinmy Co.,ltd is the general spring we store most of the leaf springs in the house and do not just drop shippers. There are several advantages to this process so we’ll explain some of them. First, we physically check the product before shipping to ensure there is no damage and all the little things like tip inserts and arch as they are supposed to be. Second, we can have leaf springs designed exactly to our specifications when two or OEM we can improve OEM We take this opportunity to do so. A major change we do for almost all of our truck leaf springs is built them with metal clips riveted with attachment bolts give you extra strength to the clips and eliminates the possibility of grinding the section of the spring. Third, it gives us the power to make leaf springs custom built as heavy or high arch to meet your exact requirements, because not all are after the same capacity or height.

Tinmy Co.,ltd the general spring we do little things that make a difference as well as stamp GSC in many of our products just to say that we are proud of what we sell and support 100 percent. Another major advantage is that all of our manufacturers are full members of the Research Institute of the spring (ISR). This means they have very strict guidelines on how a spring is to build and are not allowed to take shortcuts that guarantees a leaf spring high quality not only meets but exceeds the standards of the manufacturer. All SRI companies are also located in North America means that when you buy the General spring you will not leaf springs abroad such as China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia and elsewhere.

Tinmy Co.,ltd the general spring we specialize in leaf springs. We offer OEM and heavy standard exchange options to give you exactly what you need. Many of our customers need to return to stock ride height because their vehicle has declined over time while others have broken springs and want to return to safe driving as this can be a extremely dangerous situations. Then there are those who need to increase their capacity trucks and we’ve covered as well with our heavy duty leaf springs. Another configuration is popular these high lift springs that allow wider tires larger / for classic cars, including the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Charger and many more. Most everything we sell vessels is the same or next business day. We can not list every year, make and model because nobody is able to store each application but chances are if you need, we will obtain for you in a timely manner and at the best price. Some of our brands include Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Jeep, Nissan, Mercury, AMC and more.

Have questions please Us, Our sales team which you will talk to are the same people in the shop building and installing leaf springs so any technical questions you have can be answered immediately and more important accurately ensuring you get the correct parts without the hassle and inaccuracy you may receive from other companies. So if you are wondering where to buy leaf springs then General Spring is the right place for you.
Air Suspension Z-Type Leaf Spring Red  Conventional Leaf springs for trucks
Parabolic Red Leaf Spring for Truck of Benz Truck